Why Plan Ahead

No one likes to think about their own death, but pre-planning your funeral can save your loved ones a lot of stress and heartache. Funeral homes can help you to choose the right type of service, whether you want a traditional funeral or cremation.

Make Your Wishes Known

Pre-planning your funeral also gives you the chance to make your wishes known. For example, you may want to specify that you would like to be cremated or that you would like your ashes scattered in a certain place.

Ease Your Family's Burden

By pre-planning your funeral, you can take some of the burden off of your loved ones and ensure that your final wishes are carried out.

You Can Prepay

Prepayment generally means that you save money by being protected from inflation and price changes. We deposit all prepayments into a trust fund where it remains until needed. Prepaying also provides peace of mind for your family, who won’t have to figure out your funeral expenses when the time comes.

What If I Move?

We keep a record of your preplanned arrangements and any prepayments, and they’re easily transferable to any funeral home in the US.

Where Do I Start?

First, check out our preplanning checklist to help you consider all your possibilities. Then you can preplan online using our form to create your personalized arrangements or you can schedule a time to meet with our staff to discuss your options and make a plan.